Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 30 – Love & Laughter

May’s episode is full of Grace – because my dear friend, and special guest – Holly B.! – is full of Grace!

I find it is easy to laugh when I am with Holly B., and there is great Spirit and Love in the air… and the creative juices flow, too.

I am dearly grateful for her gifting my her essence for this month’s episode – it was a tight squeeze. 🙂

See more about Holly here:


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 29 – Table Turns

Season Four continues to be adventurous — the table is turned on me; I become the interviewed.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity of having the table turned; a rare treat… and one i hope I didn’t squander with ego and personal chaos.

Today as this goes live, we are filming scenes for Prankster Entertainment‘s second feature film, BAJA.

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Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 28 – Living Hope

Alright; Season Four starts off with a “Bang!”.

I had the pleasure, honor and opportunity to hang out with one of my dear friends, Christina Gerber. I can’t tell you all she is in my life because I honestly don’t know… and I think she is one of the few people in my life that I feel that way about.

Her experiences and practices are way beyond my bounds of knowledge and sometimes beyond my areas of comfort.

That said, I trust her implicitly and I’m really pleased that she is willing to start Season Four off… and she bravely does so.

You can learn more about her with these links:
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Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 27 – Life Lines & Short Stories

I miscounted season two and came up an episode short… so I’m making up for it in December of Season Three (normally a month off).

Episode 27 finds me visiting one of my current three Moms: Trishana Healy.

Trishana fills my life with Light & Love every time I have the honor of being in her presence. She brings wisdom and patience… and did I mention Light & Love.

I can’t think of a better way to end Season III of LIVE WITH GREG… I hope this finds you all doing wonderfully!


Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 24 – Living Strong

It’s 9/11. I’m grateful that this episode is with one of the strongest human beings i’ve ever known.. and he’s physically strong; more important to me – his Spirit is strong.

JT Peterson of Ripped Body Fitness honored me with his time and energy for episode 24.

I’ve been graced with the opportunity to work out with JT, his brother Jake and training coach Marcus… I’ve learned about health, physical fitness and nutrition. Most importantly, I’ve learned by their example that it all comes from our strength of spirit.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do – and if you’re looking for support to help you change your life for the best, look up JT and Ripped Body Fitness.

~ Peace ~

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