Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 42 – Ode to Andy Warhol

I think the title of this episode really says everything there is to say about this episode… except that i would spend forever in the presence of my children if that was an option.

This episode is probably for me more so then anyone else…

And, please, enjoy the show!


Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 41 – He Ain’t Heavy

Aaron Wilker
Warehouse & Distribution Logistics
I have been in the Distribution and Logistics industry for over twenty years, building and managing teams at all levels of warehouse distribution and logistics. I have management experience in Food Service Distribution and Manufacturing as well as Wholesale/Retail Distribution. My strength is in creating processes that will streamline operations, creating improved efficiencies, tighter inventory control and then teaching those processes to the entire team. I believe that a strong operations team, delivering the best customer service, is essential to the growth of a company.

The above is my brother’s professional bio. He is one of the most amazing minds I know in warehouse and distribution… and he is so much more then that.

He ain’t heavy; he’s my brother.


Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 40 – Grace

Terri Tate is a psychiatric nurse specialist and inspirational humorist. Terri was first diagnosed with disfiguring oral cancer in 1991, and is now a nationally recognized speaker and storyteller; a consultant who uses lessons from her own struggle to help support anyone facing life challenges; and a stand-up comedian with a popular one-woman show, Shopping as a Spiritual Path.
(From Terri Tate’s book, A Crooked Smile.)

It was an absolute pleasure to be in Terri’s company and hear her stories… this is one of my longest episodes I believe. For me, it wasn’t long enough. I hope I am honored with more of her presence.

I hope you enjoy her company as much as I have.


Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 39 – The Art of Inebriation

I had the opportunity to hang out with Nate Dogg and do some real talk regarding the art of inebriation.

I really think it’s best to let this one play… it is such a personal topic. and I think Nate covered it all perfectly!


Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 38 – Sensitive Skin

Season Five continues with special guest, Bernard Meisler, Editor-in-Chief of Sensitive Skin Magazine.

We speak of old, affordable times in cities, art and struggle…

And we emulate the Nixon tapes; sadly. (Yes, in my fifth year – I lost footage. )

Sensitive Skin features art, writing and music without rules or boundaries by both famous and emerging artists, writers, and musicians from around the globe.


Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 37 – Let’s Spare This Cloud Dweller

Season Five begins with a wonderful being I met in Mysore practice; Jenny Wade. She is publishing a book:

Maximum Access

selected poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky
translated by Jenny Wade

She enlightens me with the depth and breath of Russian poetry; especially of Vladimir Mayakovsky… a Russian Soviet poet, playwright, artist, and actor.

Her dedication in her book states, “To all the fools who abandoned “shameful good sense” and fell in love with Russian poetry.

And her Author’s Biography:

Jenny Wade is a musician and computer programmer who suffers from an obsession with 20th century Russian poetry. She has an MA in Russian Literature from UVA.

And you can visit her YouTube channel here:



Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 36 – Life Constellations

Season four ends with Rev. Katherine Revoir. I’ve practiced with Katherine for a while, and was very fortunate to be granted this time spent with her… it is wonderful when opportunity allows me to see through my preconceived notions of an individual. I found in Katherine an experienced, kind, and supportive person… who has found her way through challenging times. As she said, she’s gotten down to her knees and stayed there. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this finale episode of season four… for more information about Rev. Katherine Revoir, please visit her site at


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 35 – Pathfinder

For my October 2017 episode, I have the pleasure to introduce to you a fellow seeker – Michael Amara.

We delved in to a few things; fatherhood, responsibility for well-being… the meaning of life. You know — the usual.

As his business card states

One-to-one conversations about finding the path to your own true self.

I very much appreciated Michael sharing his time with me.

I hope you enjoy it, too.

To contact Michael


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 34 – Gentle Awakenings

I was going to title this, “A Gentle Heart”.

I’ve named it after the book that “Kimmie” authored, GENTLE AWAKENINGS.

I received a fabulous gift in being introduced to C. K. Chipman-Jonsson, and having her approval to do an episode with me.

There are many gentle hearts I have met on this planet — she is one of the main ones shining the way.

I think we all have gentleness in us. To live it moment to moment is a practice; one Kimmie took up long ago.

The gift of her being still resonates with me. Perhaps you shall find a gift in her episode here.


For every heart there is a season and like a skipping stone, we touch down briefly, before we disappear into the sea of life.”
~ C. K. Chipman-Jonsson – Gentle Awakenings