Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 24 – Living Strong

It’s 9/11. I’m grateful that this episode is with one of the strongest human beings i’ve ever known.. and he’s physically strong; more important to me – his Spirit is strong.

JT Peterson of Ripped Body Fitness honored me with his time and energy for episode 24.

I’ve been graced with the opportunity to work out with JT, his brother Jake and training coach Marcus… I’ve learned about health, physical fitness and nutrition. Most importantly, I’ve learned by their example that it all comes from our strength of spirit.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do – and if you’re looking for support to help you change your life for the best, look up JT and Ripped Body Fitness.

~ Peace ~

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Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 21 – Good Medicine

I had the honor of spending time with Dr. Tom Pinkson – a shaman who lives in Marin County.

Unfortunately; I wasn’t on my best game – I didn’t hear all the ambient noise until I was editing… darn it!

However, I believe what Tom shared with me that day was very powerful/good information… and worth sharing.

So please excuse the “noise” – and if you’d like to learn more about Dr. Pinkson’s works, you find more here:


Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 20 – Angels Among Us

I was, and remain, extremely honored to have an opportunity to spend time with one of my heroes: Michael Pritchard

From his website:

Michael Pritchard is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker praised by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Time for his ability to use humor to inspire and educate his audiences on life skills. Using his unique humorous style, he empowers his young audience with social and emotional skills and influences them to make good choices. While in your community, Mr. Pritchard offers sessions for faculty, administration and parents as well as facilitating small break out sessions.

I really could go on and on about him; I told you, he’s one of my heroes! Probably best if you just sit back and listen… as I did. When in the presence of real-world wisdom: listening is a good idea. 🙂

If you are interested in Michael’s services and gifts, you can find him at his website,