Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 34 – Gentle Awakenings

I was going to title this, “A Gentle Heart”.

I’ve named it after the book that “Kimmie” authored, GENTLE AWAKENINGS.

I received a fabulous gift in being introduced to C. K. Chipman-Jonsson, and having her approval to do an episode with me.

There are many gentle hearts I have met on this planet — she is one of the main ones shining the way.

I think we all have gentleness in us. To live it moment to moment is a practice; one Kimmie took up long ago.

The gift of her being still resonates with me. Perhaps you shall find a gift in her episode here.


For every heart there is a season and like a skipping stone, we touch down briefly, before we disappear into the sea of life.”
~ C. K. Chipman-Jonsson – Gentle Awakenings



Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 33 – What Happens in Mykonos…

BFFs, Robyn Bri and Maddie Marks, return from a five week adventure in Europe… and they’re still best friends!!

They tell the tales of their travels in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Netherlandshellip; Czechia (never heard of it)

I hope you enjoy the 40% they were willing to share — and I guess you need to hang with them in person to get the rest. 🙂

I love these two very much!! I hope you enjoy your time with them as I always do!

One Love!


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 32 – Push Hands

Eva Shoshany is a friend, teacher, and at times, employer in my life.

Since 1986, Eva has been a student of Martin Inn at the Inner Research Institute of T’ai Chi Chuan in San Francisco.

She has been teaching since 1994. She currently is teaching a class in Mill Valley on Thursday mornings…

And in this episode, we discussed the gifts of practice – and the challenge of push hands. There is a brief demo of push hands at the end of the episode…

Quiet the Mind
Raise the Spirit
Work the Legs


Eva teaches Yang style tai chi at both locations below: (San Francisco)

AND (Mill Valley)


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 31 – Mom

It is the day before my Mother’s 81st birthday…

if anyone knows about the trials, tribulations, and joys of living with Greg — she does.

i have a vivid memory of my mom, angry face with wooden spoon in hand, heading my way with intent to kill, or at least severely wound. and her chasing me around the dining-room table… same spoon, same intent—might have been a different time. 🙂

i also have a vivid memory of my mom telling me that the miracle was not only possible—it was happening. and it did.

Margie Fincham moved to Nicaragua a couple of years ago: it is her home. Her heart is clearly there — and clearly with her family, too.

i am still learning to love her; and grateful that she is still here for me to learn from in person.

See more about my Mom here:


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 30 – Love & Laughter

May’s episode is full of Grace – because my dear friend, and special guest – Holly B.! – is full of Grace!

I find it is easy to laugh when I am with Holly B., and there is great Spirit and Love in the air… and the creative juices flow, too.

I am dearly grateful for her gifting my her essence for this month’s episode – it was a tight squeeze. 🙂

See more about Holly here:


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 29 – Table Turns

Season Four continues to be adventurous — the table is turned on me; I become the interviewed.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity of having the table turned; a rare treat… and one i hope I didn’t squander with ego and personal chaos.

Today as this goes live, we are filming scenes for Prankster Entertainment‘s second feature film, BAJA.

I hope you’ll take time to make a visit over, follow us on social media…

Your support is always appreciated!



Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 28 – Living Hope

Alright; Season Four starts off with a “Bang!”.

I had the pleasure, honor and opportunity to hang out with one of my dear friends, Christina Gerber. I can’t tell you all she is in my life because I honestly don’t know… and I think she is one of the few people in my life that I feel that way about.

Her experiences and practices are way beyond my bounds of knowledge and sometimes beyond my areas of comfort.

That said, I trust her implicitly and I’m really pleased that she is willing to start Season Four off… and she bravely does so.

You can learn more about her with these links:
Links to My Affiliates and Favorite Vendors:
My Nikken Wellness Store, StarWest, Young Living & ZNatural
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The Crystalline Stellar Skulls are angelic, sentient beings who came to Team Earth. A crystal skull is waiting for you now!


Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 27 – Life Lines & Short Stories

I miscounted season two and came up an episode short… so I’m making up for it in December of Season Three (normally a month off).

Episode 27 finds me visiting one of my current three Moms: Trishana Healy.

Trishana fills my life with Light & Love every time I have the honor of being in her presence. She brings wisdom and patience… and did I mention Light & Love.

I can’t think of a better way to end Season III of LIVE WITH GREG… I hope this finds you all doing wonderfully!


Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 26 – Systems of Consciousness

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Michael Gusek for episode #26. I first came to know of Michael from an article about his work with artificial intelligence and mass unstructured data. This is a topic of fascination for me.

Learning that he lived close by, I contacted him with an invite to be a guest for LIVE WITH GREG. …and he agreed!!

Michael is an “A.I. Product Professional”, co-founder of Sensai – which recently was acquired by Sovereign Intelligence.

“With our proprietary library of full-spectrum Internet data and our new deep learning platform, we find patterns in large textual datasets, whether external to the network or internal to the enterprise.”

We discussed AI, evolution of thoughts – shifts and struggles consciousness undergoes in its evolutionary shifts.

For me – I could have hung out a lot longer then I did. I hope you enjoy this one!


Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 25 – Encore Episode

You know, sometimes getting a guest for LWG can be… um… challenging.

And I knew that was part of doing a regularly scheduled show – that’s in part why I’m doing it; to learn about that.

However, I have no regrets at all that my youngest daughter stepped in to guest on episode 25.

We’d just got back from the Zero Breast Cancer Dipsea Hike – and we’re shalaxing – and she agreed to do this episode with me.

Her first one is one of my favorites; I’m happy to have her back. So sit back and enjoy the company of one of the best human beings I know; Bodhi.