Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 47 – A Deeper Look

This is a follow-up episode. Barry really wanted to be able to show his work. He expressed interest in wanting to do a follow-up…

And it makes sense to me:

The picture is worth ten thousand words.

So — i threw out the standard sitting down format that I’ve been working with for the past five seasons and we shot episode 47 Cinéma Vérité style. Besides; my quest is to find the rules that can’t be broken and live by them.

Barry may not agree, an artist’s work is very personal to them — yes? However, I think in the infinite energy of life, Barry reaches into the flow and pulls out a moment, maintaining the essence of the infinite and showing it in a caught moment. I especially see it with his dogmotion series — there is one image in particular that remains with me; communicating infinite life in motion.

However, art is best experienced for oneself. So I hope you enjoy this off the rule book episode 47.

And I recommend checking out all Barry’s works that he has online at:

P.S. This is a very visual episode. gw


Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 46 – Patience (Season opener)

Season Six opens with someone I am very fond of — he sets a fine example for me. I see in him a lot of the attributes I want to live strongly by; mostly Joy and Patience.

Needless to say, I am very heartened to be opening my sixth season with him as a guest.

This bio is from his website:

Photography intrigued me as a teenager, I attended my first workshop in 1973 at The Naples Mills School of Arts and Crafts near Ithaca, New York. My college career yielded a BA in photography from Goddard College in 1978 and included a semester at the San Francisco Art Institute.

My vision is to capture and express images that both embrace and reach beyond the here and now. Photography is an alchemical process – the subject is the raw material, the gold is an image that expresses universal truth beyond that subject, one that makes us think and remember, and ultimately, see the world in a new and different light.

I highly recommend you take a look at his work on his website:

Welcome back to a new season of LWG. I hope you enjoy this year’s visits…


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 32 – Push Hands

Eva Shoshany is a friend, teacher, and at times, employer in my life.

Since 1986, Eva has been a student of Martin Inn at the Inner Research Institute of T’ai Chi Chuan in San Francisco.

She has been teaching since 1994. She currently is teaching a class in Mill Valley on Thursday mornings…

And in this episode, we discussed the gifts of practice – and the challenge of push hands. There is a brief demo of push hands at the end of the episode…

Quiet the Mind
Raise the Spirit
Work the Legs


Eva teaches Yang style tai chi at both locations below: (San Francisco)

AND (Mill Valley)


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 31 – Mom

It is the day before my Mother’s 81st birthday…

if anyone knows about the trials, tribulations, and joys of living with Greg — she does.

i have a vivid memory of my mom, angry face with wooden spoon in hand, heading my way with intent to kill, or at least severely wound. and her chasing me around the dining-room table… same spoon, same intent—might have been a different time. 🙂

i also have a vivid memory of my mom telling me that the miracle was not only possible—it was happening. and it did.

Margie Fincham moved to Nicaragua a couple of years ago: it is her home. Her heart is clearly there — and clearly with her family, too.

i am still learning to love her; and grateful that she is still here for me to learn from in person.

See more about my Mom here:


Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 30 – Love & Laughter

May’s episode is full of Grace – because my dear friend, and special guest – Holly B.! – is full of Grace!

I find it is easy to laugh when I am with Holly B., and there is great Spirit and Love in the air… and the creative juices flow, too.

I am dearly grateful for her gifting my her essence for this month’s episode – it was a tight squeeze. 🙂

See more about Holly here: