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Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 38 – Sensitive Skin

Season Five continues with special guest, Bernard Meisler, Editor-in-Chief of Sensitive Skin Magazine. We speak of old, affordable times in cities, art and struggle… And we emulate the Nixon tapes; sadly. (Yes, in my fifth year – I lost footage. ) Sensitive Skin features art, writing and music without rules or boundaries by both famous and […]

habits – new & old

Today, I begin a new action to form a new habit in my life; my personal blog posting. Blogs:  a personal form of communication, like an online diary, usually public. Are diaries meant for other eyes a form of narcissism? Is an auto-biography a form of narcissism? And – is one’s personal story an educational […]

Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 35 – Pathfinder

For my October 2017 episode, I have the pleasure to introduce to you a fellow seeker – Michael Amara. We delved in to a few things; fatherhood, responsibility for well-being… the meaning of life. You know — the usual. As his business card states One-to-one conversations about finding the path to your own true self. […]

Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 31 – Mom

It is the day before my Mother’s 81st birthday… if anyone knows about the trials, tribulations, and joys of living with Greg — she does. i have a vivid memory of my mom, angry face with wooden spoon in hand, heading my way with intent to kill, our at least severely wound. and her chasing […]