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drudgery, pain, and woe

this morning… an hour and a half disappeared so quickly. I lie back down in bed for a quick moment’s respite — and BAM! — it is 7:30am and I am behind in my schedule. I have been witnessing of late the disparity between my vision for myself and the reality of my choices. Could […]

How far the fall?

As I write, I sit here with many challenges. One associate I do work for, well, I’m not clear why communication is so difficult… and having just reread one of their emails with work direction, I’d say part of it is I’m not giving a clear consciousness to, grounded manner, reading and paying attention to […]

Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 44 – Quality

I had the honor recently to spend time with one very near to my heart: Sequoia Chenoah Roane. She is amazingly creative; an artist extraordinaire! She is immersed in exploring what Life is, a practitioner of Nature’s Wicca ceremonies… I had some expectations for what we’d talk about and how things might go. Luckily, I […]

Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 43 – Controversy

I’m really happy with this episode… and I can’t remember why. Other then the “go live” date, I can’t remember why Controversy for a title seemed appropriate. I know we got into a pretty depthy conversation about 9/11 — I don’t remember if it was/is on tape. So, without any further prologue, I introduce to […]

Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 41 – He Ain’t Heavy

Aaron Wilker Warehouse & Distribution Logistics I have been in the Distribution and Logistics industry for over twenty years, building and managing teams at all levels of warehouse distribution and logistics. I have management experience in Food Service Distribution and Manufacturing as well as Wholesale/Retail Distribution. My strength is in creating processes that will streamline […]

Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 40 – Grace

Terri Tate is a psychiatric nurse specialist and inspirational humorist. Terri was first diagnosed with disfiguring oral cancer in 1991, and is now a nationally recognized speaker and storyteller; a consultant who uses lessons from her own struggle to help support anyone facing life challenges; and a stand-up comedian with a popular one-woman show, Shopping […]