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Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 52 – Ramble On

I met Travis Summer Deuel at the West Point Inn Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast… and we started talking about comedy and stand-up. So – we met up and hung out to continue celebrating a mutual fascination… and we rambled quite a bit. Seemed like moments to me… except that I was going on about partnership. […]

Falling from Grace

I’ve been thinking about David Goggins‘ words I heard today; his statement that the pain we feel is our desire to live better then we are and our knowledge that the ability to do so is real. His words give me hope while acknowledging the reason I am feeling emotional and physical pain. “ah… I […]

drudgery, pain, and woe

this morning… an hour and a half disappeared so quickly. I lie back down in bed for a quick moment’s respite — and BAM! — it is 7:30am and I am behind in my schedule. I have been witnessing of late the disparity between my vision for myself and the reality of my choices. Could […]