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Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 58 – B

Episode 58 is with special guest; Jonah Dunkel Wilker! I want to thank my son for stepping in at the last second… And that’s who Jonah is. Besides being a brilliant musician/producer, having a great sense of humor… he also is a deeply resonant thinker empathetic to people in his life. To me, he is […]

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 57 – Habibi

Season 7 continues, still, in quarantine. 2020 is historically, on a global level, one of the strangest recorded times in human history. And Habibi remains, for me, on a global scale, one of the most beloved and amazing human beings I know. She’s honored me with a third guest spot, for the third episode of […]

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 55 – Anew

Season 7 starts off well, with special guest Dr. Leslie Purchase. I met Leslie when she reached out to her community, wanting to communicate with diverse perspectives from her own. As she put it, “Recently, I have been doing some reading that has challenged me to recognize the cognitive biases and faulty thinking that probably […]

Beautifully Conflicted

I just finished transferring my podcast from a video podcast to an audio podcast, with video remaining available on YouTube. A couple of weeks ago, I happened to check my stats on AWS where I host my podcast files. I was shocked to see a pending monthly bill in the thousands… Expecting a budget of […]

The dead, dead grass of home

today is a good day… because i’ve remained pretty productive though the shadows of monsters unhealed peak easily through at the slightest glance within on my part. so; i conclude one may persevere though things aren’t all in place — not all is healed… it is not perfect nightmares i awoke to quite a good […]

For Myself

This post is a rebranding… It moves me from blogging/posting – sporadically at best – for the unknown “others”, to writing for myself. In the past, I kept a concern for friends, family, potential employers… I am my gatekeeper, editing for my imagined scenarios. But now, as I listen to podcast commentary on Fight Club […]